So you think
people aren’t the
key to security?

Think again.

Enex Carbon, the human element in information security

Your business is not only valuable to you - your information, your ideas and your clients are of great value to others.
Today, information security is a real issue for businesses and organisations of all sizes, in all sectors.

At Enex Carbon, we are passionate about teaching and facilitating behavioural shifts, assisting our clients to manage
core information security risks and, in turn, enabling business transformation and innovation.

Our approach focuses less on technologies and more on the human factors that contribute to a robust information security posture. We have developed an original range of services and products to raise security awareness that help our clients to employ strategic information security risk management, and promote effective practices and communications at all layers within the workplace.

Enex Carbon

Enex Carbon, a sister company to Enex TestLab, has been formed to service the specific requirements of the Information Security sector.

Enex TestLab is a large organisation with a University heritage delivering projects across 90 industry sectors globally for more than 27 years. Enex has built an outstanding reputation over its history. Enex delivers high standards to all clients, maintaining ISO 9001 quality certification, ISO 17025 accreditation and AS 4801 Health and Safety certification. These high standards of delivery have been embedded in the foundation of Enex Carbon. 

Enex Carbon resources and principals are very well known, respected and active individuals in the Information Security community. Their reputations are backed by their extensive experience in the field and qualifications both tertiary and industry including CISSP, CISM, CISA, CSEPS and CEPT.


Confidence comes through people, not technology and process.

At Enex Carbon, we have developed our unique approach to information security (awareness and management) by understanding the human behaviourial elements involved.

Simply, the typical or traditional compliance and technology-based methods have been proven ineffectual.

The team behind Enex Carbon has decades of experience working with all kind of businesses and organisations, in assesssments and consultancy - essentially, getting down to the nitty gritty, of how the business and its products and services are operating, and how its information and technologies are being managed and kept secure.

We know that the key to managing risks relating to information security is to give people - you, your colleagues, your staff - the knowledge and ability to establish and maintain good, safe practices. It can be very straight-forward! The programs that we offer have been developed, and are continually improving, in association with experts specialising in information security, business transformation, communications and culture management.


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